Scale Model Depot 

Eduard Kit # 8100

Parts in original sealed bags

Eagle Designs Droptanks, Python 3 and Kfir C7 conversion.

Resin Wheel and wheel wells


Mirage IIIC / Kfir

Eduard Kit #8100

Parts in original sealed bags

SBS #014 Cockpit & wheel wells

Contact Resine Wheels


Mirage IIIC

Academy #2128

Complete with Parts in Original Seal Bags

FM Super Detailed Cockpit, Nozzle, Pylons, and wheels.

Neomega Mig-29C Cockpit & Dorsal Fuel tank. + Correct Nose Cone

Aires Wheel Bay, sensors & Pitot. SOL R-73. Miniarm R-27R + pilons

Part External Detail PE, Pavla Corrected Canopy.

CAM 48-105/106,Super Scale 48-405, HAD 48032, Kopro,++ Decals


Mikoyan Mig-29 Fulcrum

F-5A Nato CF-116

Classic Airframes Kit #486

Complete Parts, sealed in bag. Main Fuselage minor sanding

Leading Edge 4849 Decals

Belcher Bits CF-116 Decals

Belcher Bits CF-5a Update Set


Hasegawa 48-003

Parts in original sealed bags

Sealed , Unopened Box


Weapons C

Revell #04553

Parts in Original Sealed Bags

BlackBox 48020 Cockpit Set

TrueDetails 48086 Resin Wheels. Assorted Reference materail

Talon Resin and Metal details. Cutting Edge Masks

Microscale 48-0175 decals

Spare clear canopy.


Eduard #1162

Original Sealed Part Bags

Kopro 91060 Digital Camo Decals



Eduard Kit #1129 Limited Edition.

Parts in original sealed bags

Veteran MOdel VTM48001 Mirage 2000-5 update set

Rflight #RF48035 Super Detailed Cockpit (the most accurate and detailed ver) #RF48/029 Detailing Set. Resin Recon, Targeting, ECM, Chaff pods.

BlackBox 48045 Cockpit, Eduard 48102 Detail PESAC Metal Gear Master Metal Pitot tube. GoodLife, ROK decals. Extra Rocket Pods.


Mirage 2000 C / -5

Fonderie Miniature Kit #6037

Complete with Parts in Original Seal Bags

AML #80 031 Resin Nozzle update. Resin Wheel Set

Daco D4822 Data Stencilling decals


Mirage 5 F

Yak-38 Forger A

HobbyBossKit #80362

Parts in original sealed bags


F-86 D "Dog Sabre"

Hasegawa Kit #PT13

Parts in original sealed kit bags

TrueDetails Cockpit, Wheels

Cutting Edge #48220 Dropped Slats, #48217 Seamless Intake

CMK #4147 Undercarriage& wheel bays, #4146 Armament

Eduard #48185 PE set Microscale 48-119, -129 decals

Leading Edge 48.10 Mk6, Flightdecs Canadair Decals


F-86F-30 Sabre

Airfix #06100 Includes 2 full fuselages AV8A and FA2 Complete with parts in bags

Pavla Intakes, wheel wells, tanks, details

Neomega Cockpit

Monogram landing gear & details

Airwave 48084 PE, Aeromaster & SuperScale Decals


Sea Harrier FA2/ AV8A

AIrfix Kit #07102

Brand New never opened box.


HobbyBoss Kit # 80349

Parts in original sealed bags

Eduard 48661 PE set

Squadron Corrected Canopy


Etendard IVP

F-111C "Pig"

Revell Kits 4825. Complete part sets for "C" and "D/J" variants

Complete with Parts in original bags

BlackBox 48035 f-89J Cockpit

SAC Metal Landing Gear

Repli-Scale SP002 Decals


F-89C/D/J Scorpion

XF5F Skyrocket

Minicraft Kit #11626

Parts in original sealed bags

Lone Star Models Resin Cockpit

2x Resin R-1820 engines

Eduard 48285 PE Detail set


MPM Kit #48042

Parts in original sealed bags

CMK #4082 #4083 #4084 Interior, Exterior, Intake detail sets

linden Hill 48009 Decals

linden Hill 48015 Stencil decals

Propagteam 03048 Decals


L-39 ALbatros