Scale Model Depot 

OV-1D Mohawk

D.H. Sea Venom FAW.21

Hasegawa Kit # PT33

Parts in original sealed bags

Aires #4360 A-4M Detail Set

Eduard #FE350 Color A-4M Set

Eduard #49482 COlor A-4KU Set

DragonUSA E29.E30 PE Set


Classic Airframes Kit #4112

Complete Parts, sealed in bag


A-4M Skyhawk

Roden Kit # 413

Parts in Original Sealed Bags

Cobra Company 48039 Exhaust, 48044 cockpit, 48045 Antennas, 48046 SLAR Boom, 48047 Jammer.

Royale Resin #R029 Weighted Wheels, Eduard EX077 Masks

Scale Aircraft Conversions Metal Landing Gear


Italeri Kit #2669

Parts in original sealed bags

Neomega #C54 Resin Cockpit

RR models Hawk 100 converstion

TwoMikes 48027 Seamless Intake

Leading edge CT-155 Decals

Scale Aircraft Con, Metal Gear


Hawk T. Mk1

Monogram Kit #5505

Parts in original sealed bags

Verlinden #525 A10 Update Set

EXTRA (painted)Verlinden cockpit

Highflght closed speed brakes

Eduard 48-022 A10 Detail Set


A-10 Thunderbolt II

Hasegawa Kit # PT21

Parts in original sealed bags

Aires AHM 4190 A-4E/f Full Detail Set

Eduard # FE273 Color PE set

Model Alliance/Hawkeye Models RAN A-4 decals

Twobobs 48-017 Heinenmann's Hot Rods

Misc Decals Microscale etc, Marines


A-4E/F Skyhawk

Revell/Esci Kit #H-2247

Parts in original bags

Kazan EK002A Super Detail and Correction set Resin/Decals/PE

Tally Ho R48023 Wheels, R48005 R-60 Aphid Missles

Eduard 48546 PE Exhuast


Mig-23S Flogger w Super Detail Set

Eduard Kit#R0001 LE#0118

Parts in original sealed bags

SBS #014 Cockpit &  wheel wells

AeroClub Mk4 Seat

Complete LE contents, game, etc.


Royal Class Mirage

Tamiya Kit #60

Parts in original sealed bags

Aires #4096 Detail Set

Teknics TK48069Landing Gear

Cutting Edge CED48109 Stencils

Flightdecs 4801 Yugo Jets Decals


F-84G ThunderJet

Classic Airframes # 96-406 2995

Complete Parts in Bag


I-153 Chaika

Mirage IIICJ

Eduard Kit #8102

Parts in original sealed bags

SBS #014 Cockpit & wheel wells

Contact Resine Wheels

AML 028 SHAHAK late nozzle


Hobbycraft HC 1650

All parts in original sealed bags

Arrow Graphics CF-100 Declas

Skylancer Decals #SB-4801


Avro CF-100 MKIV

Italeri #2618

Parts in bags.

AML #033 exhaust nozzle, Resin Art #4907 wheels. Resin Cockpit, Intakes,wheel wells, nozzles, pods.

Carpena 48.06 Decals


Mirage F1 CT/CR #4

Jaguar GR3A/ES

Airfix Kit# 07194

Parts in original seal bags

XtraParts XP4850 PR detail set. Cutting Edge Masks

Super Detailed Resin Parts: Cockpit, flaps, slats, wheels, seamless intakes, tanks, pods, missles. nozzles, etc.

Model Alliance 489034 LE, 48138 Decals


Fonderie Miniature # 6018

Kit includes highly detailed resin, metal and PE parts.

AML 48033 exhaust nozzle

Aviation Workshop 489009 decals


Mirage f-1B