Scale Model Depot 

Trumpeter Kit # 02811

Complete parts in sealed bags

Neomega C49 Cockpit set. Tally Ho Resin Wheels, Ciro Exhuast Nozzles

SS Seamless Intakes, Metal Pitot Tube,

Part  104 Full Detailing PE, Eduard 018 Chocks PE, 004 Buckles.

Begemot 48-001 Decal set

Model Aircraft SU-15 Photo Album


Sukhoi Su-15 TM Flagon F

Fonderie Minatures # 6025

Parts in original sealed bags

Complete with full resin and PE details


Vautour II B

Trumpeter Kit #02820

Original Sealed Part Bags

Goffy Model #4806 wheel bays, #4806 Cockpit. CMK 4209 control surfaces

Eduard 48538 Exterior PE

AIres 4018 Rockets w Rails, CMK wheels


Wyvern S.4 Later Ver

Heller Kit #80428

Parts in original sealed bags

Super Detailed Resin Parts: Cockpit, flaps, slats, wheels, seamless intakes, tanks, pods, missles. etc.


Jaguar A

Grand Phoenix Kit #007

All parts in original sealed bags

Ultimate details full resin and PE details.


Lightning Mk.6

Fonderie Miniature #6045

Parts in original sealed bags

Full detailed kit with Resin, metal and PE


F11F1 Tiger

Hi_Tech Kit #007

Part in sealed bags. Kit with will resin and PE details

Cutting Edge Masks


Vautour II N

Fonderie Miniature # 6015

Parts in  sealed bags

Kit includes highly detailed resin, metal, and PE parts.


Zephyr CM 175

Italeri #2618

Parts in bags.

AML #033 exhaust nozzle, Resin Art #4907 wheels. Resin Cockpit, Intakes,wheel wells, nozzles, pods.

Zotz ZTZ48-020 "Salut beaute"


Mirage F1 CT/CR #3