Scale Model Depot 



Trumpeter Kit # 02811

Complete parts in sealed bags

Neomega C49 Cockpit set. Tally Ho Resin Wheels, Ciro Exhuast Nozzles

SS Seamless Intakes, Metal Pitot Tube,

Part  104 Full Detailing PE, Eduard 018 Chocks PE, 004 Buckles.

Begemot 48-001 Decal set

Model Aircraft SU-15 Photo Album


Sukhoi Su-15 TM Flagon F




Hasegawa Kit #09507

Parts in original kit bags, includes PE & Metal parts

BlackBox 48038 Cockpit, 48014 Cockpit, 48037 Multi Purpose

Wolfpack 48027 Wingfold

AIrwaves 4817, 4818 PE sets


F/A-18B Hornet

Douglas A-iH Skyraider USN

A-7E Corsair II "Valions"


Tamiya Kit # 61058

Parts in original sealed bags

CMK 4017 Super Detail Set. Black Box 48019 Cockpit

Cutting Edge CEC48136 Wingfold Conv. CEC48126 Corrected Prop

KMC 48-4015 Update Set, 48-5069 Control Surface, 48-5070 Weapons

Moskit 48-64 Metal Exhaust, True Details 48047 Wheels

Eagle Strike 48107 Decals, Carpena 48.21 Decals, SuperScale 48-1003

Verlinden Aircraft Stencilling


Hasegawa Kit # P14

Parts in Original Sealed Bags

Aires Cockpit, Wheel Bays. SS Seamless Intake

VLS Mk82 SnakeEye and Iron Bombs

Eduard FE255 Color PE

Eagle Strike and Cam Pro Decal sets


Airfix Kit # 09179

Parts in original sealed bags

Aires 4320 cockpit, 4319 WheelBay, 4318 Nozzels (+ Extra cockpit)

Eduard 48251PE , FE488 FullColor PE.

CMK 4026 Control surfaces

Sutting Edge Lightings LE decals

Aeromaster 48-369, 370, 371 Decals


Lightning F-1/F-1A/F-2/F-3